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[air source heat pump] hot water solution for Chain Hotel hotels
Apr 25, 2018

As one of the most energy saving water heaters, the air energy water heater absorbs the low temperature heat in the air through the cold medium, and turns it into high temperature heat after compression of the compressor, so that the water is heated up. This kind of water heater has many advantages, such as energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and high efficiency. The energy saving effect is 4 times of the electric water heater, 3 times the gas water heater, about 2 times of the solar water heater. With its advantages such as safety, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection, convenient installation and so on, it is quickly recognized by the bathing investors in the market.

A chain hotel needs 24 hours of hot water supply, and hot water is provided when the faucet is opened. Guests can enjoy comfortable hot water without waiting. Because the number of occupants is irregular, it is easy to get the peak period of water consumption, so we must ensure the satisfaction of our guests. Air source heat pump will benefit from long-term investment. Safety, comfort, stability and energy saving are also important factors for hotel hot water system to be considered comprehensively.

The hot water demand of the hotel is very large. Using the air energy hot water system in the hotel can not only make the customers enjoy the comfortable hot water, but also the hotel can greatly reduce the cost of heating and electricity consumption, and it is of great significance to the energy saving and emission reduction. It is in line with the trend of "green building" which is advocated by the state. Therefore, the air hot water project is not only favored by hotels, but also strongly supported by government departments.

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