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Maintenance and maintenance of air energy heat pump water heater unit
Apr 25, 2018

1. The water filters installed outside the machine should be regularly cleaned to ensure that the water quality in the system is clean, so as to avoid damage caused by the blockage of water filters.

2, users should pay attention to the use and maintenance of machines: all the safety devices in the unit are set before the factory is finished, and do not adjust themselves.

3, check the power and electrical system of the unit regularly, whether the electrical components are abnormal or not, if necessary, repair and replace them in time.

4. Check the safety valve level controller and exhaust device of the water supply tank normally, so as to avoid the air entering the system to reduce the amount of water circulation, thus affecting the unit's heat production and the reliability of the operation of the unit.

5, check whether the water pump valve is working properly, whether the water pipe and water pipe joints are leaking.

6, do not pile up debris around the unit, so as to avoid gambling plug inlet and outlet, the unit should be kept clean and dry around, well ventilated. Clean the air side heat exchanger regularly to maintain good heat transfer effect.