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Three advantages of the air source heat pump pool engineering machine
Apr 25, 2018

1. Automatic control of pool water and air temperature

The pool engineering machine uses a microcomputer controller to automatically judge and maintain a comfortable environment. Its own sensor can monitor the temperature and humidity of the pool air, and quickly adjust the air supply through a microcomputer controller to meet the set comfort point, even when the pool is highly charged. The swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification unit also monitors the temperature of the pool water continuously and heat the pool water when needed. In order to avoid the formation of condensate on the walls and windows, the swimming pool thermostatic dehumidifier automatically adjusts the humidity and temperature of the air to meet the changes in the cold surface temperature on the walls and windows.

2, reduce the corrosion of the air to the building

The air temperature and humidity can effectively control the air temperature and humidity in the indoor swimming pool environment. The condensation water is formed on the indoor surface of the pool. The condensate containing the pool chemicals will lead to mildew, the paint off, and the rust. The steel structure and the indoor metal materials are required to be repaired because of the rapid corrosion, and the installation of the swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification equipment can be used. The cost of building maintenance is greatly reduced by preventing building damage. Reduce the humidity of the air.

3. Reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs

The pool engineering machine reclaims the heat of the exhaust air to the indoor swimming pool environment, and by controlling the indoor air state, the new wind is reduced to the minimum when the demand is met.