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What are the advantages of a direct heat source heat pump?
Apr 25, 2018

1. Direct hot water supply, cycle constant temperature

Using direct heat pump main engine, cold water enters the unit, and comes out of the hot water required by users, the water temperature is constant, and the system is safe. The temperature head and electronic flowmeter are used to control the water flow through the water temperature to control the water flow, so as to achieve the independent control of the water temperature. In this way, the water temperature control is precise, and the water temperature is adjusted conveniently to ensure the system safety. The unit uses the temperature head and the electronic flow meter. The unit controller can calculate the heat capacity of the unit in real time. According to the relationship between the frost and the capacity attenuation, the frost can be judged intelligently to judge whether defrosting is done. To ensure frost and defrost and frost free, this method reduces the heat loss due to defrosting by comparison with the traditional defrosting mode. The unit can accurately set the water level of the water tank according to the different water consumption of different seasons or times, so as to ensure that the water quantity meets the requirement of water consumption and reduces the energy loss of the long time storage of hot water.

Two, intelligent defrosting

Defrosting parameters and control schemes can be set according to different regional climate conditions, so that defrosting is more thorough, more flexible and energy saving. It is used to set up the automatic switchgear time of the unit so as to realize low valley electricity consumption and save more operation cost. The hot water supply system of multiple units can be added flexibly according to the actual needs of the user. It can realize modularized control, automatically adjust the running time of each unit and the order of operation, so as to ensure the consistent running time of each unit and the high efficiency and quality of the whole hot water supply system. The heat pump unit works all weather throughout the year, and is not affected by day and night, cloudy weather, and wind and rain. It can meet the hot water demand of schools, hospitals, hotels, factory baths, residential areas, bath centers and other industries.

Three. Low operating cost