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What are the advantages of the low temperature air source heat pump?
Apr 25, 2018

The advantage of air source heat pump in energy

The air source heat pump water heater has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and safety, and it also solves the disadvantages of solar water heater relying on the sunshine and the inconvenience of installation. Because of the advantages of high safety, high energy saving, long life, no gas emission and so on, it can effectively solve the problems of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and so on, and has been paid more and more attention by all aspects of society.

Advantages of air source heat pump in principle

The air source heat pump is different from the current electric water heater. It does not heat the water directly in the water, but collects heat from the natural air by the heat pump collector. The heat transfer fluid absorbs natural vaporization. After compression, it forms the high temperature and high pressure gas, and then "carries" the heat through the condensing coil to release the heat in the water. After condensation, the working fluid is changed into liquid through the expansion valve to return to the terminal, and the cycle is closed again and again, so as to achieve the purpose of heating cold water to produce domestic hot water.

Advantage of air source heat pump in policy

Municipal departments at all levels are vigorously promoting energy-saving and environmental protection products, and also give some support in policy. Because of its superior performance and significant energy saving effect, air energy products have been paid attention by the state, and the corresponding subsidy policies have been introduced to support the development of the air energy industry. The air energy industry is included in the category of national energy saving subsidy policy.