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What are the functional characteristics and application sites of the air source heat pump swimming pool engineering machine?
Apr 25, 2018

1. automatically control the temperature of the pool water: a complete swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification system, with a microcomputer controller, can automatically judge and maintain a comfortable environment, its own sensor can monitor the temperature and humidity of the pool air, through a microcomputer controller to quickly adjust the air supply state to meet the set comfort point, even if it is comfortable. When the pool is highly loaded. The swimming pool unit also continuously monitors the temperature of the pond water and heat the pool water when needed. In order to avoid condensation water on walls and windows, the swimming pool unit automatically adjusts the humidity and temperature of the air to meet the changes of the cold surface temperature on the walls and windows. When the seasonal weather conditions change, the swimming machine can change the operation mode. The swimming machine always considers efficiency and automatically chooses the lowest heating energy consumption.

2. reduce energy consumption; swimming machine mainly reduces energy consumption through two aspects: first, it is recovered by recycling the heat of exhaust air into the indoor swimming pool environment. The two is to control the indoor air condition and to reduce the fresh air volume to the minimum when the new wind needs heating.