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What is the price of air source heat pump? What are the factors that affect it?
Apr 25, 2018

Brand impact

At present, many manufacturers are producing air source heat pump water heaters, different brands, the quality of the parts used are different, the use of the process is also different, which makes a lot of difference in its price. Take the more critical parts such as compressors, which play a key role in the final pricing of the whole machine. The quality of the compressor is uneven. Naturally, the quality is good, and the price of imported products is much higher. Poor quality, short use time, later prone to problems, so the price will be a lot.

Impact on the crowd

The air source heat pump water heater has different grades, the specific crowd that is invested is also different. For the high grade products, it is a high income group and a popular series of products for ordinary people. In the selection, it can be selected from their own needs and the economic conditions are general. It is not necessary for families to choose the expensive and flashy ones.

The effect of capacity size

There are a few people in my home, so the demand for hot water is certain, so when you choose a specific type of air source heat pump water heater, you can make a choice. In addition, the size of toilet will also affect the selection. Naturally, the price of products will also be affected.

The influence of after-sales service quality

Usually, the products of big brands are often better after sale, and the prices of the corresponding products are relatively high. We must choose the brand that is guaranteed after sale, and there will be problems in the products, so that we can find out the after-sale personnel and solve them without worries.