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Where are the advantages of the air heat pump water heater and the traditional water heater?
Apr 25, 2018

Gas hot water boiler: gas water heater in use to discharge a large number of exhaust gas, in addition to carbon dioxide, there is not complete combustion of carbon monoxide, if closed doors and windows, ventilation, carbon monoxide will increase, more serious will be toxic.

Electric water heater: it's a big waste of electricity. The new type of electric water heater has built-in anode magnesium rod descaling device, which solves the problem of scaling easily. However, the anode magnesium rod must be replaced for two years, causing trouble for maintenance. At the same time, attention should be paid to the leakage of electric water heaters. Although electric leakage is protected on electric water heaters, electric shock accidents happen frequently when using electric water heaters.

Solar water heater: due to the great influence of weather, it is necessary to add electric auxiliary or hot water boiler. And the installation is complex, such as improper installation, will affect the appearance, quality and city appearance of the city; maintenance is more troublesome, because solar water heater is installed outside, so it is more difficult to maintain than electric water heater and gas water heater. In the future development, the small apartment houses with more refined decoration are more and the floors are higher, so installation and maintenance are more difficult.