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Where can the air source heat pump be applied?
Apr 25, 2018

Family villa: the air source host is hanging on the wall, the water tank is placed on the balcony, and it has achieved safety and beauty at the same time of energy saving. It is a whole in one with the building, so it is difficult to overcome the difficulty of installing the solar water heater and affecting the beautiful building.

Factory hospital: the use of single or multi - machine parallel, according to the staff and work system to use time - sharing water, flexible, more energy saving, overcome the use of solar water heaters in the rain, no hot water in winter, water temperature instability and other shortcomings.

Hotel Hotel: the use of single or multilevel parallel, automatic control and perfect water supply and backwater system, the use of German wilo booster pump and circulation pump to ensure the stability of the Gaestgiveriet Hotel water supply system. Can provide room water and sauna bath, completely free of pollution, for the Gaestgiveriet Hotel energy at the same time to create a green environment, but also according to the peak valley electricity change strategy, the use of valley electricity, more money.

Sauna swimming pool: using multi machine parallel, using titanium alloy, plate type, solid pipe water exchange, corrosion resistance, safety and durability, high energy efficiency, automatic heating, constant temperature, can provide hot water and provide cold water, solve large constant temperature swimming pool and sauna bath with high energy consumption, complex operation difficulties, not only save high amount. The cost is guaranteed to be safe.