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Which brand is good for the warm air conditioner?
Apr 25, 2018

The winter climate is reduced, and all kinds of heating equipment are starting to be used. More and more heating equipment on the market are cold and warm air conditioning, warm air blower, high temperature radiation heater and all kinds of electric heaters. But the cold and warm air conditioning is easy to frost, and the heating effect is not good; the heating surface of the far infrared heater is small, the scope of action is limited and the radiation heating is limited. Installation trouble... Is there any better winter heating and heating equipment?

Heat and warm air conditioning heating fan products, using non electrified PTC heating, without the external machine, not affected by the weather, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, fashion design, both air conditioning stable and ordinary warm air fan convenient time, single machine area large, from less than 20 flat rooms, large to 80 flat living room conference room can be full To meet the heating requirements, the vertical Warm Yang series is equipped with a universal mobile wheel, which can be easily transferred to places requiring heating. Through the linkage of several machines, it is more suitable to meet the demand of heating and heating in indoor space for several hundred up. It is widely used in residential, office, conference rooms, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, venues, railway stations, airports and other civil and public buildings, and is popular with consumers.