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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Energy Water Heater Split Machine
Apr 25, 2018


1. The water tank is independent and the size is optional.

2. The heating time is faster and the evaporator area of the main engine is larger.


1, there is a host and water tank, and the installation is relatively complex.

2, similarly, there are mainframe and water tanks, slightly less high-end.

3, the main engine runs faster and the noise is relatively large (but this is relative to the one machine, in fact, its noise is still very low).

Which is better? There is no standard answer. In the purchase of air energy water heater, consumers need to choose the right model according to their own needs and home environment. Whether it's an all-in-one or a separate machine, it is a water heater product that is safe, energy saving and environmentally friendly. To know the advantages and disadvantages of the air heater and the split machine, I believe you will be able to choose an air heater suitable for your own installation.