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Comparison Of Fluorine Cycle And Water Cycle Of Air Energy Water Heater
Apr 25, 2018

1, thermal efficiency: the thermal efficiency of the static fluorine circulating household machine is slightly higher, because the heat exchanger of the fluorine circulating household machine is heat exchange with the water in the water tank; and the dynamic water circulation machine needs to increase the power consumption of the circulating pump, and the water pipe which connects the water tank, the water pump, the water pump connection, the pipe copper (iron) fittings. Heat dissipation and so on (these heat dissipation should not be underestimated, this kind of heat dissipation coefficient is very high), thereby increasing the power consumption of thermal insulation.

2, quality: each manufacturer's production technology, equipment, management, testing, parts, system configuration and so on are different, so the product quality is uneven. Here, we compare the quality of products from two products. First of all, the technology of fluorine circulation machine is relatively mature and the quality is relatively stable, but it is easy to have problems in installation. Because many distributors in the installation of this lack of experience, easily cause the connection of copper pipe connection leakage of fluorine, installation of the main engine is higher than the tank caused by the compressor oil recovery bad phenomenon and so on. Secondly, the water cycle machine, because there is a need to add a circulating pump and there is a relatively large quality hidden danger. As we all know, water pumps are more prone to malfunction parts, especially domestic shielding pumps. If we use the imported RS-15/6 shield pump, it will be better. And the connection pump is easy to leak, and the refrigeration system is prone to high pressure.

3, installation: fluorine circulation machine installation is relatively troublesome, but the cost of installation material is less. The installation and distance of fluorine circulator are more flexible and beautiful, but there are many materials and costs.