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How To Distinguish Between The Water Cycle And The Fluorine Circulation Air Energy
Apr 25, 2018

1, look at the volume of the main engine, because the water circulation air heater can be increased by a lot of device elements, so the appearance is larger than the 1/3 of the fluorine cycle.

2. Look at the material connected to the main engine and the water tank, connect the fluorine circulation with the copper pipe, and connect the water circulation pipe.

3, the host viscera, open the main engine cover, in the water cycle of the main engine in addition to the normal equipment components, as well as the casing heat exchanger, expansion tank, water pump, the structure is more complex, the fluorine cycle of the host equipment is very simple, and the general air conditioning no difference.

4. Look at the water tank. The fluorine circulation unit adopts the coil heat exchanger. There are two kinds of heat exchangers, one is the internal coil and the other is directly connected to the water, the other is the outer coil of the liner. The internal coil is directly contacted with water after being used for a period of time, and its surface is prone to scale, thus affecting the heat transfer effect. The heat exchange effect of the outer liner of the liner is worse than that of the inner coil. The thickness of the copper tube can not be too thick, and it is easy to cause leakage after processing.

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