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How To Use The Air Energy Water Heater Correctly
Apr 25, 2018

Correct use of air energy water heater

1. All safety protection devices in the unit are set up before the factory is released. Do not disassemble or adjust them on their own.

2. Check the power supply of the air source heat pump water heater and the wiring of the electrical system regularly.

3, regularly check the water supply system, water tank safety valve, liquid level controller and exhaust device work is normal.

4, check whether the water pump, water valve is working properly, whether the water pipe and water pipe joints leakage;

5, if the shutdown time is longer, the water in the unit piping should be released, and the power supply should be cut off and the protective cover should be covered.

Maintenance of air energy water heater

1. Water filters installed in units should be cleaned regularly.

2, the surrounding units should be kept clean and dry and well ventilated.

3. Do not place debris around the unit so as not to clog the inlet and outlet.

4, the main condenser cleaning, it is recommended that two times a year using 50-60 degrees of concentration of 15% hot acid cleaning;

5, the water tank needs to be cleaned after one year.