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One Model Is Different From That Of A Split Type
Apr 25, 2018

One machine is mainly in the production process, the manufacturers put the main engine and water tank together, generally for the main engine on the water tank top. The drawback of one one is smaller plate evaporation area, relatively small motor and compressor, less heat of evaporator in unit time, more heating time than body length; one machine body is big, transportation is inconvenient, transportation process will affect the reflux of refrigerant; the advantages of one machine are complete, beautiful in shape, beautiful in shape. The grade is high and the grade is high.

The split type air energy water heater includes the main engine and the pressure holding water tank, the main engine and the water tank are separated, the transportation and installation are more convenient. The advantage of the split body machine is that the evaporator area is larger, the energy efficiency is high, the water tank 100-500L can be matched according to the demand, and it is more flexible. The general allocation is 200 liters below 960 watt mainframe, 250~300 litres with 1250 watts of mainframe.

In addition, the whole machine and the split machine have the advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, safety, simple operation, all-weather operation, intelligent control, long service life and so on. We can buy different types of air energy water heater according to the needs.