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Selection Method Of Air Energy Water Heater
Apr 25, 2018

1. Pay attention to the quality of the core components

The quality of the core components of the air heater determines the quality of the product. For air energy water heater, compressor, coil material and tank liner are the key factors related to product quality. The compressor brand is a good international famous factory, and it is better to be a special heat pump compressor; the material of the coil is the best heat exchanger of the steel, which can effectively ensure the thermal conductivity and service life of the pipe; and the inner gallbladder of the tank is the best.

2. Pay attention to the energy efficiency of the product

The standard stipulates that the energy efficiency ratio of household air products can not be less than 3.4 under the standard environment, and the energy efficiency ratio of circulating heating is not less than 3.7. This should be noticed when choosing an air heater, otherwise the product can be regarded as an unqualified product. In addition, the real air heater does not have any electric auxiliary heating, otherwise the energy saving performance will be greatly reduced.

3. Choose brand products to pay attention to after sale

At present, the household air products in the market usually carry out three years' repair and six year replacement. Since the normal life of the air heater can last up to 12-15 years, it is recommended to give priority to the purchase of well-known brand products after sale. For different brand products, we can choose the above two points through comprehensive comparison of cost performance.