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The Advantages Of Air Energy Water Heater
Apr 25, 2018

1, save electricity, because the heat efficiency of the air heater is as high as 300%-500%, 4-5 times higher than that of the ordinary water heater, so the cost of making hot water is very low, and it saves electricity.

2. It is convenient and comfortable. It will be sunny and rainy all the year round. It will be more convenient to supply hot water continuously and continuously for 24 hours.

3, efficient dehumidification, 24 hours a day, the maximum dehumidification amount is 6-8 kg, the effect of plum rains and rainy weather is more obvious, especially suitable for wet southern weather.

4, environmental protection, because air can not use gas heater, so it will not produce waste gas, can delay "global warming".

5, safety, air heater can not use gas, so we can completely exclude carbon monoxide poisoning safety hazard.

6, the noise is small, the air heater can choose closed mute compressor and adopt sound absorption in the interior, so the noise is very small.

7. It can be used by many people. The air heater can provide more than 3 people shower at a time.

8, the scope of application of air energy water heater is large, such as industrial, factory, hospital, school, company dormitory, bath center, middle and high level, villas and so on.