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Three Misunderstandings In The Purchase And Use Of Water Heater
Apr 25, 2018

Myth 1: the use of leakage protector can completely protect bath safety.

In the power line of the water heater, there is a ground line that does not pass through the leakage protector. In theory, the ground line is also set to ensure the safety of electricity, but in case the grounding is unreliable, the fire line ground line is connected and the line is aged, the ground line does not pass the leakage protector and the current can be driven through the ground line. Into the water heater, electric shock accident is inevitable.

Misunderstanding two: Unplug the power plug will be safe to wash the bath

In addition to connecting the circuit, the water heater is inevitably connected to the water pipe. In some buildings with bad grounding or no grounding, some people will connect the grounding wire to the water pipe, so that the water pipe will act as the grounding of the building.

Misunderstanding three: qualified water heater = safe bath

The standard of the electric water heater in our country is the equivalent of the European IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard, which requires that the grounding wire in the user's home must be good. In our country, because of historical reasons, many building grounding systems are not good, or even lack, such as decoration line, line aging, private wire, use of inferior switch and socket, water pipe as grounding wire, all of which may lead to ground line.

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