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What Are The Shortcomings Of The Air Energy Water Heater?
Apr 25, 2018

1, air energy water heater shortcomings - Frost problem. Because of its obvious regional characteristics, because of its excessive temperature dependence on the external environment and its normal working environment temperature of -5 degree -40, it is basically applicable to the south of the Yangtze River, such as East China and Southern China, and the development of air energy heat pump water heaters in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Yunnan and other provinces is relatively good. And before the real technology solves frosting and other problems that cause the operation of products, the vast North is less involved.

2, the shortcoming of the air energy heater is that the compressor will burn easily. At present, circulating heating system is widely used in heat pump water heaters on the market. The system is increasingly exposed to technical defects, that is, running at high temperature and high pressure conditions, easy to make compressor aging and carbonization, and the lubrication effect of the system is not good, which causes the compressor to be burned easily.

3, air energy water heater shortcomings - the appearance problem. It can be said that one of the main drawbacks of the air source heat pump water heater is large volume, which is not suited to the national conditions. Air source water heater can be divided into one type and two types in general, because the city family bathroom is generally small, so no matter which type, its huge body is still prohibitive for consumers.