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Working Principle Of Air Energy Water Heater
Apr 25, 2018

1, the internal structure of the air energy water heater is mainly composed of four core components: compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. The compressor will compress the reflux low pressure refrigerant and turn into the gas of high temperature and high pressure. The cold medium gas of high temperature and high pressure flows through the copper tube wrapped around the water tank. The heat passes through the copper tube into the water tank. The cooling medium becomes liquid under the constant pressure of the pressure and enters the evaporator after the expansion valve, due to the evaporator. The pressure drops suddenly, so the liquid refrigerant rapidly evaporates into gas and absorbs a lot of heat.

2. Under the effect of the fan, a lot of air flows through the outer surface of the evaporator. The energy in the air is absorbed by the evaporator. The temperature of the air is rapidly reduced and the air is turned into the kitchen. Subsequently, a certain amount of refrigerant is absorbed into the compressor to enter the next cycle.

3. The principle of the air energy water heater is similar to the principle of air conditioning. The principle of reverse Kano is applied. By absorbing a large amount of low temperature heat in the air, the compressor is compressed into a high temperature heat through compression of the compressor and transferred to the water tank to heat the water.